Amazing Underwater Video

Hello Everyone!

While I was on Cayman Brac, I was told about an amazing underwater videographer, Frans De Backer. He has filmed and posted a number of amazing underwater movies on his Vimeo page. Here are a couple you can check out:

In this video, they took black lights with them while filming underwater at night. It is AMAZING!!

This second video is of the famous dive site, Bloody Bay Wall, which is located on Little Cayman. Take a look!

I hope you enjoy the videos. Let me know what you think!

I hope you are all staying warm in Seattle! I miss you all and will see you soon!



Season’s Greetings, Friends!

Hello everyone!

I am now on Cayman Brac, one of Grand Cayman’s sister islands.  I have been busy getting ready for the first Grouper Moon Educator Workshop tomorrow afternoon!  I am so excited!!  You can expect a full report soon!

We had quite a rainstorm this afternoon.  The kind my dad calls a “frog strangler”.  This got  me wondering how things are going back home in Seattle?  Just before I left, the weather report was predicting snow.  Sadly, I have heard from a few sources that the snow has yet to make its entrance.  Sorry everyone, no snow day yet!!

In any case, I have a couple photos to share with you all that I took on Grand Cayman the other night.  They are of a house a few blocks from where I was staying.  They appear to be truly in the holiday spirit.  I thought you might enjoy them, so here they are:

They really get into the spirit around here!!

They really get into the spirit around here!!


Alright, I am off to bed!  But before I leave, 10 golden doubloons go to the first student who can answer the following question:  As you know, I am on an island called Cayman Brac.  What does the word “Brac” mean?