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    • Good question, Isabela! Those ARE Nassau Grouper. They can change their color for a few reasons. In this picture, they are in their “Bi-color Phase”. They after will take on this color pattern when they are interacting with each other.

  1. I really liked all the videos on the pages. They were very informational and truly let me know Reefs cause and just how important saving the grouper are.

    • Good question, Nicole! The full moon was last night and today. The grouper begin coming to the aggregation site on the full moon and then they will typically spawn anywhere from 3-8 days after the full moon.

      • You said that the Nassau will span from 3 to 8 days after the full moon, but will they spawn on the night of the full moon? And also, are the Nassau in the picture spawning?

        • Good questions, Karen! The Nassau will begin spawning anywhere from 3-8 days after the full moon, but not on the full moon. The spawning will take place at dusk and often happens 2-4 days in a row. The picture that is on here is of the Nassau during the daytime, so they are not spawning. They are all just milling about together.

  2. It is so cool to see all the unique reefs and fish. The Caribbean looks amazing! I’m so exited for the under water video chat! Have you seen any Nassau Groupers spawning yet?

    • It is totally amazing!! I am so grateful to be able to volunteer for this project. I am super excited for Wednesday too!! Anyway, I just went on the evening dive with the researchers. The seas were pretty rough, but everything was calm and beautiful as soon as we got under the water. I saw about 1000 Nassau grouper, as well as, Barracuda, Bar Jacks, Horse-eye Jacks, and I saw a Spiny Caribbean Lobster that was about 30″ long…that’s huge!

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