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Hello Everyone!

After nearly 24 hours of travel we have arrived on Little Cayman. I just got a quick update from a few of the researchers who have been here for two days already. It has been quite stormy here, which has made it difficult to dive on the aggregation site. In fact, the seas were so high yesterday, they weren’t able to dive at all. So, instead of diving, the Grouper Moon researchers when snorkeling in the lagoon, which is protected by a fringing reef. While looking for juvenile Nassau grouper, Brian Stock (Scripps graduate student) filmed the following, octopus. Check it out!!

11 thoughts on “Displaying Octopus!!

    • Sadly, I did not take this video. Brian Stock, a graduate student from Scripps Oceanic Institute filmed this a couple days ago. And no, we have not seen any juveniles yet. But, we will keep looking!

    • Yes! I got to go diving with all the researchers last night! It was WONDERFUL!!! It is truly a magical thing to experience.

  1. Did you know that octopus’ suction cups underneath their tentacles have a better sense of taste than the human tongue? They are also used for feeling so sometimes an octopus will come up and hug a diver with its legs to feel them (and maybe see if they’re food, I don’t know) It shouldn’t be called a “Common Octopus.” It’s way too cool! Octopus is a Moray eels’ favorite meal. The eel will follow the octopus to its den and latch onto one of its legs. But then the octopus can detach that leg, squirt ink (made out of mucus and ink), and dart away.

    • Octopuses are incredible. And yes, I have seen video of a Giant Pacific Octopus hugging a diver. Its pretty amazing. I’ll show you when I get back to school next week!

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