14 thoughts on “Grouper and more grouper!

    • All those grouper are amazing! To count, tag, and measure all of them must be hard, it does help that we have tons of cool tech though. I saw your post for the hawksbill turtle. You should see mine and try to count, tag, and measure all my words!

  1. I noticed when the turtle was swimming it didn’t use its back find much, anyways does the hawksbill turtle use its back fins when it swims?

    • Only some of them have black tops and white bellies because it isn’t the big “Grouper Moon.” Also if they all wore the same thing they would be kind of boring right?

    • Good question, Jade. Remember, they use their different color phases both for camouflage and communication. The trend seems to be, that the closer they get to the actual spawning night, the more we see of that bi-color phase.

    • Not typically. There have been years where they have caught and released several Nassau to tag the fish with acoustical tags. You can see video of Dr. Brice Semmens actually doing this in the Changing Seas documentary. Check it out!

  2. Wow! That’s super cool. If there is a one of a kind Grouper do you examine it or bring it to a lab or do you just look at it when diving. Have there been times when you have seen unique fish that keep coming back to one place all the time?

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