Nassau Grouper Vocalizations!!

Hello Everyone!

It was so great to see you all today on the live stream! I hope you enjoyed it.

Today I introduced you to Katherine Cameron (PhD Candidate at SCRIPPS) who is working on the hydrophones and collecting the sounds, or vocalizations, the Nassau make. Below are two pictures taken yesterday of the Nassau swimming around one of the hydrophones as well as three sound files of different Nassau vocalizations she has recorded. Check it out and let me know what you think!

5 thoughts on “Nassau Grouper Vocalizations!!

  1. Have scientist been able to find out the different meanings of the grunts grouper use to communicate? And, do other types of grouper communicate like the Nassau Grouper?

    • Great questions, Akshaya. I do not know the answers to these, but the scientists do. You can ask during our video conference this week!

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