A night of Jacks!

I was able to go on the evening dive today and saw a bunch of Nassau Grouper and a number of other fish. Two of the most prevalent species we have been seeing are Bar Jacks and Horse-eye Jacks. It turns out, many different species of fish come to the spawning site. Take a look at these videos taken by Grouper Moon researcher, Hal Peterson.

Hello Everyone!

4 thoughts on “A night of Jacks!

  1. That is really cool! when you were down there with the fish/living creatures do you ever feel threatened of scared around the larger predators (like the barracuda or sharks)?

    • Not usually. However, night dives can be pretty creepy. When its dark and you can’t see everything…your imagination can get the better of you!

  2. how come there are so many fish now? Do other fish also spawn in the spring? Or are they just in large groups to protect themselves?

    • It turns out that this particular location is very important, biologically. There are a number of other fish that come to spawn here at the same time as the grouper. However, other fish go about spawning differently. For example, the Lionfish can spawn every 4 days!! Also, for the grouper, spawning in big numbers ensures genetic diversity, which is important for a healthy population.

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